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I'm a computer science engineer with experience in every single role involved in creating software and it has always amazed me how big the gap between technology and creativity is. For the last 10 years, I've been a designer and loved it ever since. There's this infinite desire of creating interfaces that users can use but from experience, it can only be achieved if the gap between the disciplines is close to nothing.

I'm currently working for CVS pharmacy® as the lead UX designer for the Mobile App. Soon there will be a full post about this experience. The following is some of my latest work.


RAISE |     The main problem to solve was connectivity. The wild side of Australia doesn't have good coverage. It was vital for the user to know when he was not reachable through the safe tag system and if the satellite capable device attached to the user's body was able to send a signal.


This fully responsive website allows Airbnb hosts in Spanish speaking countries to ease communication with their English, French, German and Mandarin speaking guests.

The main challenge was the onboarding flow for the host on how he links its properties from Airbnb to this system and the guest to not get confused on how to book a property using both systems.

PALÉT |    This venture wanted to tackle the issues at drop off and pick up in parking garages in NYC. The challenge here was the educational aspect for when should the user request his car to be ready to pick up and don't create congestion outside the garage. The project never got into production.


DIVORCE FORCE |     The main issue to solve was selling the idea to users of the need for another social network. People already have Facebook and there are several groups for divorced people there. What we found out is that people who are thinking about / going through a / are already - divorce, are interested in articles about the matter. The company shifted its strategy and became a publisher house.



This Swiss bank had another vision for an Intra-NET. They wanted their employees to be in touch on the go and strife for a balance between work and life. The difficult part was how this solution should communicate with the employee to not distract him from his day by day duties and also not to annoy him after work hours.

To our surprise, we saw more engagement after work hours.

BANCOLOMBIA |    Colombia's most important bank wanted to have a solution on the go for tracking lease of their vehicles and providers. This particular solution involved working for a specific Motorola phone. The main problem to solve was how to synchronize the app's data with the bank's server on not the most reliable mobile network.


I'm a true believer that a lean-agile mindset, user-centric, product-focused, and business-align process, is the best way to achieve something that provides value. I know my portfolio lacks personas, storyboards, customer journeys, user flows, or low/high fidelity wireframes and prototypes but I hope you understand that what UX designers provide is a crucial part of a products DNA and such deliverables are protected under an NDA, an agreement I do honor. I had the fortune to work with some amazing UI designers like Juliana and Juanita to just name a few, and the look and feel of the end product would have not been the same without talent like them. To know more about what I can do for you and your business, let's talk!

I have created a wireframe sample for a fintech solution in Sketch. It can give you an idea of the kind of work I can produce in earlier stages of a product:

Sketch fintech.sketch