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I'm MANUEL and this is my work as a CREATIVE DIRECTOR.

Kogi was a boutique mobile development company with offices in Miami, Florida and Medellín, Colombia; with clients all around the planet. I had the pleasure to lead a good quantity of projects and incredible talent in the engineering and design space. From big corporations to recognized digital agencies to startups; from native app development to responsive web apps; every project was an exciting new challenge. Kogi was sold to a Boston agency in late 2017.

Despite being a computer science engineer, I always had a passion for great design experiences to a point I taught myself the principles of digital design and user experience. In my career, I have found challenges on how an engineer communicates to a designer and vice-versa. It is logic for this gap to exist being both disciplines completely different, but an agile mindset and a user-centric process trend to close the gap to a point the team will find a path to great products or solutions.

What you are about to see is just a small piece of a cake that was baked for almost 8 years. As a director, I shared with each member every product or service we created in the form of a poster. Despite we worked with companies such as Samsung, Forever 21 and Hewlett Packard, I have skipped those projects in favor of the unknown but unique concepts. I do apologize for the lack of consistency in the presentation of the projects; each poster reflects the complexity, client personality and user desire that the project had:

If you are interested in the process I followed for each one of these projects, please visit this page. I also have a case of study for CVS Pharmacy.

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